Babbelbook - ‘Verbindt door Verbinding’

Video bellen met een boek: Bijdragen op een leerzame manier aan online sociale interacties!

Reading a beautiful picture book and making a video call at the same time. Babbelbook reconnects family members who are far away from each other. Are your e-books already participating?

Do you see that e-books still have a whole market to win? And are you looking for an innovative way to bring your publisher's e-books to the attention of new customers? Then get acquainted with Babbelbook, the new way of reading books online.

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We at Babbelbook have developed the software that allows users to make video calls with their loved ones while reading a digital (picture) book at the same time. This is how Babbelbook connects children with their family, even when they are far away from each other.

Babbelbook is fun and educational as both sides of the video call easily flip through the pages of the book. While in the meantime they interact with each other through video calling. This ensures that the children retain their attention for (grand)pa and (grandmother) much longer than with a standard video call. Babbelbook guarantees wonderful moments together.

With its service, Babbelbook focuses on children and family members who are separated from each other because parents work abroad.

With video calling while reading a book at the same time:

1. We encourage children to read e-books. This stimulates their imagination and they learn or maintain their native language

2. We connect children who are at a distance from their (grand)parents with each other so that the mutual bond remains strong.

These children do not currently use hardcopy books and can therefore only be reached by a publisher via e-books. Babbelbook therefore offers the opportunity for a publisher to bring its books to the attention of these children.

At the moment the service has only been rolled out in the Netherlands, but the system offers the possibility to add all possible books in different languages. Which offers the children's books that fall under your publisher the chance to be the first to use this innovative opportunity.

In this video you can see how Babbelbook works

To reach as many children as possible, we like to talk to other publishers so that the platform is filled with the most beautiful books.

Why is Babbelbook interesting for your publisher?

  • Babbelbook offers the opportunity to reach a new target group with the publisher's e-books; Expat kids
  • Expat children are encouraged to read e-books through Babbelbook, which contributes to the development of these children.
  • Babbelbook works because parents are happy to see more real conversations between grandparents and their children.
  • Children are (even more) involved in books (reading).
  • Grandparents have a nice tool (reading aloud) to have a nice interaction with grandchildren. In addition, these grandparents get to know new books from the publisher, which increases the chance that they will buy these books in hardcopy for other (grand)children.
  • By partnering with Babbelbook you can be the first publisher in your country to use our technology.

Will we all only read digital books in the future? We certainly don't believe that. There is a certain magic of reading a real book together... that connection together always wins over digital reading we believe. But for those who don't have hardcopy books or loved ones close to them, there is now Babbelbook!

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